Reasons Why You Should Rent A Furnished Flat In Luxembourg


Reasons Why You Should Rent A Furnished Flat In Luxembourg

Furnished apartments do have an appeal for some prospective seekers. It is the other option if you don’t want to move into an empty apartment. The decision – renting a furnished or empty flat – is dependent on several factors.

In Luxembourg, the taxation policy on apartments makes it easy so that there is no significant difference if you rent the apartment furnished or empty. The article highlights the most prominent reasons why a furnished flat is the better option over an empty one.

A furnished apartment means easier move-in

A furnished apartment in Luxembourg eliminates the need to move stuff while moving in. You cut out the cost of hiring a moving company for furniture, upholstery, and other home equipment.

However, it is best suitable for individuals who don’t have a large amount of furniture and other stuff already. Property Agencies such as Vauban&Fort have a wide selection of furnished apartments in Luxembourg for you to choose. Students and other individuals who are starting to settle down for the first time are better off with a furnished flat in Luxembourg.


Furnished flats make monthly bills easier

A furnished flat in Luxembourg typically has all-inclusive rental and maintenance costs. Utility charges such as electricity, water, and heat get bundled up with the rent. If you are renting an apartment with a relatively small surface area, the benefit is more profound. Otherwise, there is an increase in maintenance cost, if only marginal.

A furnished apartment better fits into a transitional stage

In a situation where you cannot carry your furniture to a new apartment, a furnished one is an excellent fix. You might have relatively few items, and furniture (which is the case with students generally), or not have the time to move all of them.

Renting a furnished flat in Luxembourg also removes the need to purchase extra furnishing, if you cannot move existing ones. By extension, you get to save money which can be spent on the other areas of the transitional phase.

Furnished Apartments takes care of interior decoration beforehand

A furnished flat in Luxembourg means you don’t have to worry about handling the décor from scratch. The furnished apartment will already have interior decoration elements, which makes the flat feel more homely.

In comparison, an empty apartment feels temporary. It is because it takes time to design and decorate an empty apartment where you have to start from scratch.


There are several options for renting an apartment in Luxembourg. The taxation on the owner of the apartment does not change whether the property is bare or furnished. It means there isn’t any fundamental difference between the two kinds of apartments.

The benefits of a furnished apartment revolve around convenience and the ease of transitioning from one flat to another. If you are a student or have a compact family unit, there are several reasons why you should rent a furnished apartment, considering options such as Vauban&Fort are available.