Buying condos in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu

Buying condos in Kota Kinabalu

There is not yet a huge range of condominium developments in Kota Kinabalu, but with ever-increasing tourist numbers and rising demand for units in the city this could be about the change. The main residential neighbourhoods, which play host to the existing condo projects and are likely to be subject to the attentions of high rise developers in the future, are divided into the villages of Kampung Ganang, Kampung Inanam Laut, Kampung Kepayan, Kampung Likas, Kampung Menggorok, Kampung Sembulan, Kampung Sukang, and Kampung Tanjong Aru.

Within these residential neighbourhoods are several residential developments for housing, apartments, and condo units. These include Beauty Garden, Golden Vale, Golf View, Hong Dua, Hong Satu, Likas Park, Regent Park, Reservoir Garden, Ruang Tiong Hwa, and Tanah Emas.

There are also condo projects outside the city such as the recently completed Puteri Damai. The project, situated about 4km from Kota Kinabalu City on a forested hill, is 10 stories in height and is proving popular with the city’s ex-pat community.

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